Here are some of the pieces of African tribal art exhibited at Montagut Gallery.

Cane Tefalipitya - Sénufo

Cane Tefalipitya - Sénufo Sénufo people, Ivory Coast

Period: XIXth century
Height: 130 cm
Material: Wood


  • Private Collection, USA
Máscara Kwélé

Máscara Kwélé Kwéle people, Gabon

Period: End XIXth century – early XXth century
Height: 46 x 65 cm
Material: Wood


  • Aristide Courtois Collection
  • Merton D. Simpson Collection, New York
  • Arman Collection, New York
Fetiche Statue - Songyé

Fetiche Statue - Songyé Songyé people, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Period: XIXth century
Height: 50 cm
Material: Wood, metal


  • Karel Plassman Collection
  • Marc Leo Félix Collection, Brussels
  • Margaret Wells Collection, Boston
Yaouré Mask

Yaouré Mask Yaouré people, Ivory Coast

Period: XIXth century
Height: 31 cm
Material: Wood


  • Sommaruga collection, Switzerland
Mumuye statue

Mumuye statue Mumuye people, Nigeria

Period: Early XIXth century
Height: 82 cm
Material: Wood


  • Dc. Pierre Danhaive collection, Namur
  • Christine Valluet Gallery, Paris
  • Lionel Sergent collection
  • Fressinet collection, France
Jinete N-Duleri

Jinete N-Duleri Dogon people, Bandiagara cliffs, Mali

Period: XVIIIth century
Height: 30 cm
Material: Wood


  • Ladislas Segy collection, New York
Fang Figure

Fang Figure Fang people, Gabon

Period: XVIIIth century
Height: 53,5 cm
Material: Wood


  • Jacob Epstein collection, London
  • Carlo Monzino collection, Lugano / Milano, 1962
  • Private collection, Paris
Chokwé Scepter

Chokwé Scepter Chokwé people, Angola

Period: XIXth century
Height: 40 cm
Material: Wood


  • Jaques Kerchache collection, France
Bwoom Mask

Bwoom Mask Kuba people, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Period: Late XIXth Century
Height: 33 cm
Material: wood and copper


  • Roland de Montaigu collection, New York
  • Private collection, Barcelona
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